Created from still images made along the bank of the Hudson River in New Baltimore, New York and in the village of Laflotte on Ile de Ré in France, "Notations on a River" is composed from daily observation of reflected light upon water. It is diaristic and meditative; inspired by both natural phenomena and man-made disturbance; and is a composition in three movements. The first movement is visually organized by a horizontal structure, the second by a vertical structure, and the third combines both earlier structures in a calligraphic, lace-like series of images. Another primary influence has come from the two years I lived and worked in Japan where I studied shodo, the practice of traditional Japanese calligraphy. As a graduate student and fellow at The Center for Advanced Visual Studies at M.I.T. I worked with analog video and one of Nam June Paik's video synthesizers. This background remains significant in my current video practice. "Notations on a River" is 5:45 minutes in length and is silent.